(Affiliated to Young Suffolk & NRC)

Management Commitee

KCSS has accreditation and affiliation with Young Suffolk, Suffolk Children’s University and National Resource Centre (NRC) for Supplementary Education

Aims & Objectives

  • Out of School learning, leisure, education and personal development activities and programmes for Children & Young People
    between the ages of 5 & 18
  • To promote healthy lifestyles among children & young people
  • To provide advice, help and support to children & young people for career guidance and vocational training.
  • To organise personality development and leadership training programmes and activities for children and young people.
  • To make awareness among community members, children and young people about citizenship, human values , community cohesion and tolerance
  • To promote British culture and values among the community members particularly among children & young people by keeping
    traditional Indian culture and values.
  • To make awareness among children and young people the 5 outcomes of Every Child Matters agenda of the Government, which are (1) Be Healthy, (2) Stay safe, (3) Enjoy and achieve, (4) Economic well being & (5) Make positive contributions. The school aim to organise activities and programmes for children & young people to achieve these outcomes
  • To provide opportunities, help and advice to children and young people to participate in wide range of community activities and voluntary work in the local area and National level as appropriate.
  • To formulate a Volunteer Group within the community members to participate in wider community activities in association with local partners and other groups.
  • To achieve the quality framework and standard set out for supplementary schools by Young Suffolk, National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education and Suffolk Children?s university

Current Projects & Activities

  • “Catch them young & talent hunt” – Promoting and facilitating young people’s varied skills, knowledge and talents.
  • Language classes, Reading Club, Dance, Music, Discipline Sports
  • Community participation and partnership work with the Local Authority, local Schools and other Voluntary and Community Groups
  • Personality & Leadership training programes.
  • Education tours/visits, Nature Projects, Healthy Living
  • Dance, language classes and reading club are held at St. Albans Catholic High School, Ipswich on Saturday’s from 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM

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