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Kerala is located on the south-western part of India with Arabian Sea on the west. The state is better known as ‘God’s Own Country’- and is one of the most popular and well attracted tourist destinations in Asia. Secluded beaches, coconut trees, fringed backwaters, mist clad hill stations, lush tropical forests, waterfalls, exotic wildlife , monuments , art forms and festivals give it a distinctive charm. Apart from being a tourist destination, Kerala is well known for its 100% literacy status, highest life expectancy and the lowest infant mortality rates among Indian states.

The Keralites migrated to the United Kingdom are very proud of their homeland, traditions and culture. We also aim to promote culture and values by keeping the traditional Indian values.


The Association is incorporated under the appropriate regulatory authority of the United Kingdom in order to perform as a non-profitable organization to achieve the organizational goal, aims and objectives.

KCAI was established in August 2010 as agreed in the general body meeting of the Association attended by the Malayalam speaking residents of Ipswich and surrounding areas of Suffolk County.


Kerala Cultural Association, Ipswich aims to promote our culture, values and heritage among the community members and also to impart these to the young and upcoming generation with a holistic view.

We aim to bring Malayalee families living in and around Ipswich and to provide opportunities and facilities for people of all age groups for their development and well being in multiple domains of their life. It is paramount to provide leadership and service to the community in which they live and to extend these services to our motherland, Kerala in India with well planned projects including charity work.


  • To provide a forum for its members to meet and exchange views.
  • To foster friendship and understanding among the Malayalee fraternity.
  • To provide opportunity for literary, cultural and entertainment activities.
  • To provide opportunity for members of all age group including women and children to participate in all
    the activities of the Association
  • To provide opportunities for the community members to participate in various voluntary activities
    with a view to integrate to the local wider community.
  • To make awareness among the Association members for charity work to support people in need and humanitarian aid
  • To mobilise and organise the local resources and facilities for the members and other beneficiaries of the Association
  • To partnership work with the local Government and non governmental agencies and other Associations having similar aims
    and objectives
  • The Association is currently successfully running a Supplementary School in partnership with local primary and secondary
    Schools for out of school learning and development of children and young people. The Association has clear plans and programes
    for strengthening its activities including Indian Classical Dance, Drama, Sports, Language Learning (both English & Malayalam).
  • To conduct various training and developmental programmes and activities for adult, family, children and young people
    including seminars, discussion, work shops and parenting classes
  • To help and advice the Association members regarding prospects of finance and better investment opportunities
  • To promote and facilitate literary and writing skills and knowlede of the members and aslo to publish relevent reports,
    articles and news bulletins and magazines.
  • The future project includes a private health club for Association members to keep them fit and healthy. The Association is
    currently running a healthy living programme including various sporting events. Family and study tours to various localand
    international destinations.

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